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You will notice that the entire website is written in German, however we will gladly assist you with any type of enquiry in English as well.

Should you require assistance with planning your dream holiday to Africa, please send us your request in English to holiday@ventertours.de

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We are a highly specialized tour operator for adventures to Southern- and East Africa. Whether it be individual, multi-generational or group travel, we will tailor make your holiday to meet your specifications and needs.

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With our 19 years of expertise and in-depth knowledge of preparing and executing tailor made holidays in Southern- and East Africa, we asure every traveller a unique African experience across 17 different countries. With our strong partner network within Africa and our focus on eco-friendly and sustainable products, we aspire to turn your holiday into a long lasting memory; a “holiday of a life time”.

Your “Mein. Dein. Afrika.” (My. Your. Africa.) Team; www.ventertours.de/team, look forward to hearing from you.

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Traveling during Corona times - a good idea?

I asked myself this question long before I packed my bags however, I wanted to find the answer for myself. I am a tour operator and consider myself a travel expert, and with our experience and our know-how I consider it my duty to support people in their travel decisions.

That is why it was particularly important for me to travel now; to be able to provide qualified advice in this abnormal situation. It is not my aim to give a false picture and to persuade any unsure clients to travel. It should realistically reflect what I experienced on my trip during this Covid-19 period.

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Sossusvlei nachdenklich

From Corona-lockdown straight into the
holiday paradise of Botswana

After writing about my Namibia travels in October 2020, which had received a very good response from many interested Africa travelers, I knew that there was a strong interest in finding out whether the neighboring countries could also be visited with similar ease. My original plan was to pack my bags again latest by spring 2020, so that I could describe how the people in Africa are doing and whether it was possible to travel during Corona times.

Things however turned out quite differently. In Germany, people were preparing from lockdown "light" to a few weeks of complete public life shutdown. At the same time, the demand for short-term trips increased and with it the need to be able to inform our customers about the exact situation on the ground at the already known reliable speed and precision.

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Katja in Botswana

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